Aesthetic Care by Verna Jean

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Tri-Pollar RF Skin Tightening Treatment

Results are achieved by creating "controlled inflammation" via simultaneous heating of superficial and deep skin layers:
Immediate Results: Collagen fibres contract - short term skin tightening
Long Term Results: Increased fibroblasts' metabolism - collagen remodeling firmer and tighter skin appearance
Before Tri-Pollar treatment skin is rough and wrinkled
After Tri-Pollar treatment skin is smooth and no wrinkles
Tri-Pollar RF Skin Tightening Facial treatments cause the immediate contraction and tightening of the fibreblasts causing firming and toning of loose skin. Any unwanted fatty pockets in the face and neck area are reduced when the Tri-Pollar treatment stimulates the natural metabolism of the fat, reshaping the area treated. This treatment can be combined with the Oxygeneo for ultimate results. I recommend a series of 6 treatments for optimal results. 

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